Teufel Theatre LT 6 Surround Sound System Review

Teufel Theatre LT 6

Are you looking to vamp up your television and home movie experiences? If you answered correctly then you simply have to get yourself the Teufel Theatre LT6 THX 5.1 loudspeaker set. The ultimate in home surround sound systems, this magnificent speaker set inspires you in that it makes you want to watch every single DVD from your collection again! Hear your favourite films like you’ve never heard them before.

Your current television will be magically transformed buy this sleek and elegant sound system. Consisting of six pieces;Four columns, one centre speaker, and subwoofer this masterpiece of German engineering is a must have for any home theatre system. The columns stand at 142cm in height and the identically equipped, horizontal format, centre speaker ensures the finest surround sound you could ever hope to experience.

Vamp up your Home Theatre experience in style!

The Satellite speaker sound quality conforms, one hundredper cent, to the larger top-rated Theatre LT 7 system and the Active subwoofer with two 250 mm woofers and 700 watt amplifier really brings out the sound in those bass driven movies. All of this means you are getting a fantastic qualitypiece of kit at a significantly lower price.

With an astounding thirty years of experience in the industry, Teufel deliver nothing but the best when it comes to audio equipment and surround sound systems. So confident in their products, Teufel offers a full eight week trial and replacement policy, as well as a warranty lasting up to twelve years.

Not only does this loudspeaker set look good, but the sound quality is second to none. So if you want to experience the ultimate in home theatre then look no further. However, there is one set back to consider before buying this equipment;your neighbours might not like it, but you are going to love it!

Buy the Teufel Theatre LT 6 today, directly from the manufacturer and hear for your self what some of the worlds-best Hi-Fi sounds like. They even offer a trial at home option!

Teufel Speakers are not available to order directly from the US, so we've listed some alternatives below.

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