Samsung 55 Inch LED UN55D8000 HD 3D TV Review

Samsung 55 Inch LED UN55D8000 HD 3D TV

Good: Stunning picture and beautiful looking chassis make this *the best* all round television on the market to date.

Bad: It's still a little pricey, but can now be found for about £500 less than a few months ago.

Simply put, right now this is the best television that money can buy!

I've now owned the set for a couple of weeks and I simply could not be happier. After some tweaking the picture continues to absolutely blow me away, SD looks great and HD is simply stunning.

Out of the box, the picture is *amazing*, images really pop out of the screen and the 3D is *BY FAR* the best I have ever seen on a television. I have to be honest, until now I thought 3D TV was just a gimmick, but I really hope it takes off now and I find I'm going for the Sky 3D option when ever there is a programme available there. I can hardly wait for the football season to start again as many games are being broadcast in 3D this year, including my local team.

One thing I'll say though, is as much as the picture *pops* out of the box, it is unnatural. It's like a Hi-Fi with the sub-woofer up too loud, impressive but a bit too much. Many users will prefer to switch to reference settings for a more natural range of colours and brightness. To aid in this, the UE55D8000 provides a vast number of settings to adjust the picture, there are literally dozens of them when you drill into the advanced menu. I've posted the settings I use on my site if anyone is interested, tweaked to be slightly more *pop* than reference standard.

The SMART features are also a very useful feature, even though I have a HTPC setup. I find I'm simply using the built in features of the Samsung for a lot of things as they are just a button press away. That being said, some of the features are a little gimmicky, but there are lots of them and they are kinda fun to mess with. I was also surprised at how effectively it picked up my Twonky server and integrated all the media; it's nice to see consumer level items working so well out of the box.

To summarise then, as an all-round TV, this is simply the best that money can buy right now.
(Though that new Panasonic plasma might just pip it if you're only into HD movies and not into console gaming).

UK visitors, please click here for the UK version of the Samsung UE55D8000.

Five out of five stars.
We liked
Amazing picture. Amazing looks. Amazing 3D.
We didn't like
Pricey (but worth it).

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