Kodak Pulse 10 Digital Picture Frame Review

Kodak Pulse 10 Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames have been around for a few years now, but with the twists and turns that technology makes on a seemingly never ending basis, never before has there been a Digital photo frame like the Kodak Pulse.

In the past, Digital photo albums have just sat on window ledges and mantel pieces, alternating through the same old holiday snaps and family portraits. This Kodak Pulse photo frame has revolutionised the ‘ordinary’ digital photo frame and turned into something ultra-modern and fashionably spectacular. More than just a static photo frame the Kodak Pulse is interactive, with the latest in touch screen technology, allowing you to access Facebook, Email and the Kodak Gallery for instant image updates from friends and family.

Featuring a high quality ten inch TFT touch screen with Kodak Colour Science technology and LED backlight, This Wi-Fi frame shows an immense depth of colour almost bringing your photographs to life.

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For those of us who are not too technically savvy, this Kodak digital frame is so easy to set up, everything is built in, no software to install at all. Fully Wi-Fi enabled it can also hold a massive 4,000 pictures on its internal memory.

The best part of this frame is it’s Wi-Fi connectivity and sharing capabilities, not only can you instantly see photos form the on board Email system, but as soon as your Facebook buddies upload a photo, you can see it, have a giggle and use the onscreen quick comment button to tell them how the picture made you smile.

There’s no doubt that this Kodak Pulse Photo frame would make a perfect give. If you have family that perhaps live overseas, imagine how happy they would be to have instant access to your images. A great gift for the people you want to be close to, this piece of tech is a must have for everyone.

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Four out of five stars.
We liked
Terrific display. Looks stylish. Syncs over WiFi
We didn't like
Clumsy user interface. WiFi can be unreliable.

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