Sony Bloggie HD Review

Bloggie HD

If you’re looking for the next generation of 3D cameras, then this little gem will having you reeling with delight. Having a massive 8GB internal memory, the Sony MHS-FS3 has enough space for up to 4 hours of high definition 2D video footage or well over two thousand high resolution photos,but get yourself a Memory Stick or SD Card and you can store so much more.

The Sony MHSFS3 Bloggie HD Pocket Camcorder with 3D Shooting Capability is sleek and subtle. It is the world's smallest high definition 3D camcorder and fits perfectly in your pocket so you can take it anywhere and film, or capture everything around you. Taking the most fantastic 3D photos,you can save all those special moments in one crisp, clean take.

This compact little Sony camcorder is the best of its kind; Just point and shoot to make your own home video or snap a family photograph in fabulous 3D. With PMB portable software built in for easy upload directly to your favourite social networking sites, but if you’re not in a sharing mood,you can just plug the Bloggie into a computer using the flip out USB connector for quick and easy video uploading to your laptop or PC. The USB arm also charges the battery and uploading is so simple and easy. All the software on thisBloggie is already built in and ready to use, so basically all the hard work is done for you.

As if all these things were not enough, you can even use this Sony Bloggie as a Webcam. Connect it to your Windows PC, hold it vertically and chat via Skype. The only down side, if you do this, is that the microphone disables itself so you will need a separate one if you want to be heard, which of course you would. But with all plus sides, that little negative is easily overlooked.

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Three out of five stars.
We liked
Remarkably good 3D. Very easy to use. Sturdy build quality.
We didn't like
No zoom of any kind. Poor image stabiliser. Ergonomics won't suit everyone.

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