Sony NEX-7 Compact Camera Review

Sony NEX-7 Compact Camera

If you’re like me, a photography enthusiast that just loves to take outstanding photos, then the camera that you use is very important to you. I get so excited over the latest in technology, shutter speeds, focus points, and drive mode. If you too share this same passion, boy have I got a fantastic camera for you! It’s that fabulous offering from Sony, their NEX-7 camera. It represents the finest in compact system camera technology and has so much to offer. Additionally, coming from Sony you can trust that the results you’ll obtain from this camera will be nothing less than great. I really can’t say enough about it, and I’m sure that you will love it just as much as I do. So allow me the opportunity to share with you some of the wonderful aspects of this amazing compact camera.

The Sony NEX-7 camera is such a remarkable camera. It boasts an upgraded brain, the Sony BIONZ image processor that will deliver photos on par with those of your professional counterpart. It provides great flexibility in shooting and can be used as either an automatic or manual camera. It is chock full of intricate sensors that have an effect on focus, resolution, imagery, and so much more. It actually offers a lot of the same features that many of the digital single lens reflex cameras do, but in a smaller size. With its adjustable settings and over ten creative shooting styles to choose from, I have artistic license to do it just how I imagine it to be. I’ve found it exhilarating that this camera has the flexibility that it has. I can change lenses to hone in on a better shot when necessary and it can use any of Sony’s E Mount lenses. As an added bonus, with an adapter it can also use lenses from many of its competitors like Canon and Nikon. The NEX-7 allows me to shoot in low lighting, capture panoramic views both in regular and 3D, and has eleven fun and imaginative picture effect modes, thus allowing my creativity to jump into hyper drive. It also has 6-image layering, a process that produces cleaner, sharper photos that are shot at night. It has an automatic high dynamic range, offers object tracking, smile finding technology, and has a self timer too. Adding to the package is the build in pop up flash that has over five flash modes.

This camera presents with a 2359K dot Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder, which gives a complete field of view. This viewfinder is unique and ground-breaking and will go a long way in providing a shot with excellent depth and detail. It also has Tri-Navi, a three dial manual control that’s really quite noteworthy. In addition this 24.3 megapixel camera really takes performance up a notch, providing sharp, clear, vibrant still shots. At first look, who would have thought that this level of professionalism could be delivered from a camera that is so compact? But it’s true, with the fastest release time lag in its class, it allows up to 10 frames per second continuous shooting. I get great action shots and nice shots with movement too, like at my daughter’s dance recitals. I love that the high def LCD screen is moveable. This allows me to find the best angles to work with. Amazingly enough is offers a higher level of resolution than many digital single lens cameras, and again still being only about half the size and weight. It even comes with an anti dust system to alleviate pictures with spots because of dust particles collecting on the lens. It has an impressive long life battery and can get up to 400 shots from a single charge. Another nice feature is the peaking function. It alerts you to the potential lack of focus of your shot by highlighting the edges that are in focus with one of three colors.

And I can’t forget to mention that this camera can also be used to record incredible HD movies as well. These movies can be shot in super smooth 60p, standard 60i, or cinematic 24p. Now how’s that for versatility? Another great feature that I like is that I can choose to have complete manual control when shooting my HD movies. The settings begin at the novice level and go all the way to “movie mogul.” I say that with a smile, but with the onscreen prompts and just a little practice, becoming that skillful aficionado is only a few movie shoots away. The NEX-7 offers full HD resolution that will guarantee stunning picture quality and as another added bonus it will create a smaller file that is easily uploaded to the web. Come on what’s the fun in shooting a video if it’s so large that you can’t share it with friends and family? However if do you want to send a DVD, the NEX-7 will allow you to burn it directly from the camera. This camera’s hi-tech attributes are truly outstanding.

The Sony NEX-7 is a wonderfully significant camera. Just from a technological viewpoint alone, it is worthy of praise. It supplies brilliant image quality, versatility, inspiring creative control and these as I have previously stated are just the beginning of what this camera has to offer. I urge you to take one out for a test spin; I bet you’ll never put it down!

UK visitors, please click here for our review of the European version of the Sony NEX-7.

Five out of five stars.
We liked
Small, well built, very fast shutter speed.
We didn't like
Some flash shadow, viewfinder display can look a little noisy.

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