Blood Pressure Monitor and Lowering System Review

Lloydspharmacy Blood Pressure Lowering System

Being outwardly fit and healthy, I was a little shocked recently when a routine check-up at the doctors revealed I was suffering with high blood pressure. Because the symptoms of high blood pressure aren’t obvious, I was one of the thousands of people in the UK who had no idea that I was having any underlying health problems whatsoever.

Worrying that the stress of finding out about my hypertension was going to add to my condition, I felt I needed to do something about it. I had to do something to get lower blood pressure and do something quick.

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After doing a fair amount of searching and reading up on various blood pressure machines I came across this rather clever little Blood Pressure Lowering System. It’s a simple device with a simple concept but it is utterly brilliant. So how does it work? Well in short the Blood Pressure Lowering System uses highly effective and proven breathing exercises that help you to relax and bring you to a sense of calm.

The device very cleverly reads your breathing pattern, through the breathing sensor belt, and sends instructions via the supplied earphones into your ears so you can change the rhythm of your breathing, relaxing muscles and opening up those constricted blood vessels that cause the high blood pressure in the first place.

The treatment time is also very quick, just ten minutes, so you can easily fit it into your day without any problems.

I’m really struggling to write a balanced review if this neat little system because the only negative I’ve can think of is that its battery operated and the batteries aren’t included! I had used a wrist blood pressure monitor before this, and it was dreadful in comparison. It was so inaccurate that it was as good as useless.

The Blood Pressure Lowering System comes at a fantastic price, a bit of a steal really considering the fact that it is non-medicated and can really help with the potentially serious problem of high blood pressure. Without doubt this is the best blood pressure monitor I've used. Just think, with this little device you too could learn how to take control of your hypertension in a natural, non-intrusive way.

UK visitors, please click here for our review of the European version of the Blood Pressure Monitor and Lowering System.

Three out of five stars.
We liked
Robust design. Clear Display. Accurate data.
We didn't like
Can be fiddly to fit correctly.

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